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What is Structured Water?

When water’s purity becomes its main attribute-both for function and consumption, and no other substance, color or smell overpowers water’s true qualities…then water is structured. Like many things in the world, the shape and structure of a molecule is an important determinant of its function. Vortex Structured water has the proper structure to optimize function. We can all tell the difference between bad water and good water. Vortex Water gives you great water, and great water makes for a great life.


In natural conditions water flows over the earth, under the earth and makes its own correct way.  For the purpose of our city water supply system, water is collected at its source and forced into a system of pipes. This is where the water is impaired the first time. The high pressure, and motion of traveling in a straight line is detrimental to water. Then, the impaired water is removed from water pipes, mixed with chemicals, which are alien to nature, and then the polluted water goes down the drain. We take the water from nature and return it in a polluted and unfit state. Bottled water is a poor and expensive substitute.  That’s why I started this project.


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